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2015年05月04日    作者: 科研成果    
论文题目 第一作者 发表刊物/论文集 刊物级别 发表/出版时间
Potential of Mineral Dust in Changing the Sea Surface Temperature and Precipitation over East Asia 银燕 Procedia Engineering EI核心 2015-03-01
南京北郊春季含Pb气溶胶粒子来源分析 张泽锋 环境科学学报 SCD源刊 2015-03-01
Studies of a scanning light detection and ranging for three-dimensional detection of plume emission 卜令兵 optical engineering SCI 2015-04-16
A fast Visible-Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) simulator for cloudy atmospheres 刘超 Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres SCI 2015-01-01
Particle size distribution and characteristics of polycyclic aromatichydrocarbons during a heavy haze episode in Nanjing, China 樊曙先 Particuology SCIE源刊 2015-03-01
A support vector machine-based VVP wind retrieval method 李南 ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE LETTERS SCIE源刊 2015-02-13
Numerical study of natural sea salt aerosol and its radiative effects on climate and sea surface temperature over East Asia 银燕 Atmospheric Environment SCI源刊 2015-04-01
Aerosol impacts on cloud thermodynamic phase change over East Asia observed with CALIPSO and CloudSat measurements 银燕 Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmosphere SCI源刊 2015-02-19
Characteristics of new particle formation events in Nanjing, China: effect of Water-soluble ions 安俊琳 Atmospheric Environment SCI源刊 2015-01-19
Aircraft measurements of the vertical distribution and activation property of aerosol particles over the Loess Plateau in China 银燕 Atmospheric Research SCI源刊 2015-01-01
The impacts of summer monsoon on ozone budget in the boundary layer of the Asia-Pacific rigion 朱彬 Science of the Total Environment SCI源刊 2015-01-01
The effects of aerosol on development of thunderstorm electrification: A numerical study 银燕 Atmospheric Research SCI源刊 2015-01-01
The characteristics of atmospheric ice nuclei measured at the top of Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains) in Southeast China using a newly built static vacuum water vapor diffusion chamber 银燕 Atmospheric Research SCI源刊 2015-01-01
南京北郊夏季大气光化学污染特征研究 安俊琳 环境科学与技术 核心期刊 2015-03-30
厦门春季PM10中PAHs成分谱特征及其与气象要素相关性分析 樊曙先 环境科学 权威期刊 2015-04-15
AMSR-E观测资料干扰对反演地表参数的影响 官莉 中国环境科学 权威期刊 2015-01-12
黄山大气气溶胶新粒子生长特性观测分析 银燕 中国环境科学 权威期刊 2015-01-10
《气象数据分析与可视化》课程教学的思考 康娜 教育教学论坛 省级期刊 2015-04-22
南京北郊冬季大气粗细颗粒物中PAHs来源解析 樊曙先 环境化学 一级期刊 2015-03-31
东北冷涡发展过程的位涡收支分析 吴迪 高原气象 一级期刊 2015-01-21
大面积水体上空星载微波辐射计的干扰识别 官莉 应用气象学报 一级期刊 2015-01-19