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2016年04月08日    作者: 学术交流    


报告题目:Potential sources of nitrous acid (HONO) and their impacts on ozone in a polluted subtropical region


主持人:   王成刚 副教授

报告时间: 2016 年 4 月 11 日(周一) 下午 2:00-3:30

报告地点: 气象楼 1114 室



Dr. Li Zhang is currently a Research Associate and PhD candidate in the Department of Environmental Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He got his Bachelor degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Master degree in Atmospheric Physics and Environment from Nanjing University. He is an awardee of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship and has joined Chair Professor Tao Wang’s group at PolyU since 2012 to work in the field of Atmospheric Chemistry. His recent research focuses on the heterogeneous chemistry in secondary inorganic aerosol formations, sources of nitrous acid in southern and northern China, and long-term ozone trend in Hong Kong and the driving force.