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2016年12月09日    作者: 颜开    


1)Turbulent impact on snow growth in orographic clouds

2)Hawaii regional climate simulation – preliminary results

主持人:  陆春松 教授

报告时间: 2016 年 12 月 22 日(周四)  上午 9:30

报告地点: 气象楼 1114 报告厅



    Dr. Xue has been the key scientist responsible for the numerical modeling aspects of several weather modification projects at NCAR since 2009. He has conducted original and applied scientific research for the Saudi Arabia cloud seeding project, Idaho Power Company wintertime orographic cloud seeding project and several Wyoming programs. His research efforts have led to the developments of a silver iodide cloud seeding parameterization and a real-time cloud seeding forecast system including a novel seeding case-calling algorithm. Dr. Xue’s areas of expertise are in aerosol - cloud - precipitation interactions, cloud microphysics and dynamics, boundary layer and mountain meteorology, weather modification and numerical modeling.