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特邀赫尔辛基大学Gerrit de Leeuw教授来我校作学术报告
2017年02月24日    作者: 颜开    

报告题目:Aerosol retrieval using the Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer Dual View algorithm: current status and application over China.


人:银燕 教授

报告时间:201738日(星期三) 上午10:00




Professor Gerrit de Leeuw received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1981. He worked at the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) on a variety of subjects in atmospheric research and air-sea interaction (1980-2014) with specialization in aerosols. He started working on satellite remote sensing of aerosols in 1995. Gerrit de Leeuw held various positions at TNO, spent a sabbatical at the naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, USA and was a visiting Professor at the Universities of Sunderland and Leeds (1980-2007) and RADI/CAS (Beijing, China; 2016-2020).

Since 2007 he is a full time professor in the field of Satellite Remote Sensing of Aerosol Physical and Optical Properties at the University of Helsinki and at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland (until 11/2017). He (co-) authored ca. 175 peer-reviewed research articles (H-index 35), 1 book. PI in 28 EU projects (3 as coordinator), 15 ESA projects (2 as coordinator, 1 as science leader) and Academy of Finland projects (2 as coordinator).