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特邀曼彻斯特大学Hugh Coe教授 来我校作学术报告
2017年03月13日    作者: 颜开    


报告题目:Characterizing Black Carbon Aerosol: Challenges, Solutions and New Findings 

主 持 人:银燕 教授 

报告时间:2017年3月16日(星期四) 上午10:30 



Hugh Coe, Professor of Atmospheric Composition,University of Manchester.PhD Physics 1989-1993,UMIST.Appointments previously held (reverse chronology):Head of School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester (2010-2015);NERC National Centre for Atmospheric Science Co-Director (2008-2014) (30% fte).Details of grants awarded:8 current research grants worth £4.0M from NERC and EU (values given are UoM only), 5 are as PI (value £2.7M);Total research award value since 2000: ~£20M, of which £12M as PI;Over 40% of my salary was covered by research grant income over the last 3 years;PI of a rolling National Centre for Atmospheric Science contract supporting two research staff (not included in research income statistics)