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2017年03月13日    作者: 颜开    


报告题目:The emerging role of informatics in aerosol process models 

主 持 人:银燕 教授 

报告时间:2017年3月16日(星期四) 上午9:30 



David Topping,Research Fellow, University of Manchester and Research scientist NCAS-Composition. 2001-2005:Phd, UMIST. 'Modelling the hygroscopic properties of atmospheric aerosol'. Supervisors Prof Hugh Coe and Prof Gordon McFiggans.He interests focus on building computational models of atmospheric aerosol particles for use in interpretation of measured properties and as sub models for incorporation into climate change models. This broad classification masks a hierarchy of models and techniques with greatly varying complexity and range of applicability. In addition, the research area is highly multi-disciplinary, covering: Physics, Chemistry, Numerical methods and Computational Science.