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2017年05月26日    作者: 颜开    


人:陆春松 教授

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Dr Huiyi Yang (杨辉一)2012-present, Research Fellow, University of Leeds; 2009-2011,Postdoc,Oxford University; 2004-2009: Phd, University of Leeds. Huiyi Yang’s research focuses on the critically important area of food security and climate change. His past work has been in the area of atmospheric science understanding and improving clouds and precipitation and their links with climate models. His more recent work has been to expand his research area to cover the interdisciplinary area of crops and weather changes. He is now uniquely positioned in the world to make use of climate models and leading crop models to study the problem of food, climate change and food security. His current work has been to study groundnut which is crucial for millions of poor farmers in India.