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(更新)特邀德克萨斯A&M大学Andrew E. Dessler与杨平博士来我校作学术报告
2017年06月20日    作者: 颜开    


(1)On the study of cirrus clouds in the atmosphere(Dr. Ping Yang) 

(2)A revision of the Earth’s energy balance framework(Dr. Andrew E. Dessler) 





Dr. Ping Yang is a Professor and Head of Department of Atmospheric Sciences in Texas A&M University, and holds the David Bullock Harris Chair in Geosciences. He wad elected follows of the Optical Society of America, American Meteorological Society and American Geophysical Union. His current research includes light scattering, radiative transfer and remote sensing. He has published almost 300 papers and 3 books. 

Dr. Andrew E. Dessler is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and Earl F. Cook Professor of Geosciences in Texas A&M University. Professor Dessler received a Ph.D. in Harvard University in 1994 and a B.A. in Rice University in 1986. His current research includes Climate Change and Water Vapor, Climate Change Policy and Atmospheric Chemistry. He has published over 88 papers and 3 books. 



2017年6月20 日